By Hilary Hazard

I went to Glastonbury this year, as a puppeteer. I’ve been before, on and off since 1997, when I was a skinny middle class white girl and didn’t notice that everyone else there was a skinny middle class white girl too.

This year I felt like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused – ‘I get older, the girls stay the same age.’

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A Letter To My Barber

By Phorid

Phorid is an artist but she also writes letters to companies that make her cross and then sends them to us because we think they’re funny. In her latest edition she’s drawing attention to the age old problem of hairdressers having opinions. No offense hairdressers, I know you have opinions, but I’m with Phorid on this one – ‘trust me I’m a hairdresser’ isn’t something I want to hear. I’ve got eyes, I trust them.

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