Contributing basics
Have you read KB? If not it’s a good place to start, you can download a PDF or two here

Now that we’re focussing on digital output, the submissions guidelines have changed a bit. We’re happier than ever to receive illustrations and artwork. Our word count is much more flexible (although I am still a massive fan of short, sweet and hysterical).

The current theme is loosely DIY but that’s totally negotiable so if you have something that’s perfect for us but nothing to do with hammers, ping it over anyway.
Please bear in mind that we are satire first and feminism second (third and fifth), we won’t publish long diatribes about how women are suffering and how unfair it all is, we did that in Issue 1, we’re over it. KB exists as an antidote to those issues, not to bang on about them. We’re here to celebrate the funny, positive and absurd elements of womanhood. If you’re into more serious, essayistic expression this might not be the right outlet for you. If your serious essayistic expression is also proper funny, moving and original, send it over, let’s talk.

We don’t pay for submissions, which I know is bobbins. We probably won’t even look that good on your CV so we really have nothing to offer except glory and readers. Sorry about that.

A couple of technical pointers – please use a UK spell checker, don’t mince words and delete any emoticons you might have accidentally thought were funny. Exclamation marks have, of late, started to slip through the net, but we’re very pedantic about punctuation up at KB HQ so try not to do anything silly with your question marks, inverted commas and semicolons.

When submitting your work please include any links, images or information about yourself that you would like us to include.

Finally, send it all over to me here at KB, I look forward to working with you

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