About us

Welcome to KnockBack Magazine (KB to our friends), a satirical women’s magazine made with passion, fury and pretty pictures by Marie Berry, Sarah;Lewis and Hilary Hazard, amongst many talented and hilarious others.

Our aim was to provide an advert free answer to Cosmo and co, something that celebrates the fact that being a girl / lady / woman is funny and fascinating and not always about high heels and blowjobs.

Since it can take up to 35 years to produce an actual physical issue, this site is full of best bits, fresh material and links to stuff we’ve done.

If you’re doing a dissertation and you want to ask questions like ‘why did you start KB, how do you fund it and what does feminism mean to you’ head over to our Press page where we’ve answered all that and more. Back issues are still available to buy from the shop and there are loads of extracts on the site to whet your appetite

Finally, welcome to the fold, we are team KB, always happy to help