Parenting A Feminist

By CJ Malone

Raising my darling feminist is a bit of a nightmare.

I had a quiet word with her teacher to find out what she’s like at school, because  at home we find her to be a bit challenging.

The teacher said  “she has a strong personality, I like to think of her as an alpha female.”

I like to think of her as a lot of things but not, so far, as an angsty feminist… with this new understanding came new found respect and patience.

‘Highly Spirited’ was Google’s prognosis when I typed in her personality traits.  Apparently it’s the new ‘difficult’ and there are books to help you raise your HSC (highly spirited child).

She is 4 and a half.  She is cocky and confident.  She shouts and stamps her foot. She can use an electric drill and project manage furniture assembly.  She thinks ballet classes are for fools.  She is ‘the most daring’ in her PE class.  She is observant and knowledgeable about the opposite sex, and in the last week alone has said:

“women should rule the country”

“mums (plural) are in charge”

“girls are much cleverer than boys”

She is the KB generation.  She thinks she is the best.  She is cross.

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