DIY – Online

Although we’ve always prided ourselves on our paper produce, it’s probably about time we got a bit modern and started doing stuff online, like, you know, everyone else.

The once potentially paper issue 6 – DIY – will now be fully digital, which is nice because it means we can rely on Google, WordPress and your computer for layouts, publishing and distribution. It also means we can amend typos whenever we stumble across them and publish our contributors words, even when there’s more than 300 of them.

So welcome to the future of KB, it’s here, in your eyes, right now.

We missed you guys

Marie Berry x

Eating at parties

By Anna Booty

You know the ones. A couple of hours after work and a couple before home time and you can go to a gallery to get free booze under the pretence of being cultured.

I have to go to a lot of these for work. I can just about manage to keep professional around a free bar but I have deep problems surrounding the vol-au-vonts.

“How?” I hear you ask “They are so delicious!”

“Exactly” I say. Continue reading