So You’re Having A Baby

By Freida Peeps


Very original

Did you know that when you put your ultrasound on Facebook at least 28% of your friends want to delete you?
Do you know that if any of them are radiologists they might be able to see his weiner or her hoo ha?

No big deal.


Did you know the record for birth to Facebook currently stands at 12 SECONDS.

That little bugger is barely out of THE WOMB and you gave its face to Zuckerburg. GO YOU.

Seriously though, have you seen Mark Zuckerburg’s face? Someone drew it with a crayon.

In a survey of 12 women 11 said that by the time your baby is 4.3 months old they are no longer interested in its development



Did you know that by adding photographs of your precious treasure you are gently but explicitly shaping its internet future? You don’t do you? YOU CAN’T! That would be fucked!

You are also, by the way, aiding corporate interests, and having your bundle of joy categorised for life.



Did you know that depending on you and your partners privacy settings, by the time baby is ready to join facebook itself, it’s special little face will have been seen approximately 8745 times on the internet?


It might not like it.

Do you remember when all babies looked the same to you?

before you had one.

They still look the same to everyone else


No really.

Seriously. SO cute.


Congratulations, by the way.

One thought on “So You’re Having A Baby

  1. lol bitter much? People can put whatever they want on their facebook. if its their CHILD that they just might love, who cares what bitter people like you think?

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