The first time you meet, when you enter the pub, when you approach her from across the street or the first time you see her since you got her drunk and took her home (especially then). Take the initiative.

A courtesy kiss is not overstepping the mark, make it part of your stride, approach confidently, tip your head, touch her shoulder and kiss her once on her left cheek. If she’s the continental type, or a bit media, she’ll expect you to kiss her twice, start with the left and go straight for the right. Don’t wait for confirmation because that’s when things get messy. Pull back, look into her eyes and ask her how she is.
The courtesy kiss is your responsibility and it exists to make your life easier, it pops the pressure of first contact, introduces tactility and gives you both the opportunity to get a nose-full of that gorgeous scent you’re wearing. Hell, get the courtesy kiss right and an actual kiss is less of a reach. Do it.

You say?

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