Chanel No Way

By Frank Grimshaw

I trained in Paris under the great postmodern perfumier, Arnaud Destruels. I graduated and found work at an upmarket chop shop, but I soon tired of those dry, subservient boutiques. So I went out into the world where the sweat runs raw. And all through the ripening kaleidoscope of east Africa and the jungles of Timor, my nose came too. Continue reading


By Hilary Hazard

I went to Glastonbury this year, as a puppeteer. I’ve been before, on and off since 1997, when I was a skinny middle class white girl and didn’t notice that everyone else there was a skinny middle class white girl too.

This year I felt like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused – ‘I get older, the girls stay the same age.’

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