Chanel No Way

By Frank Grimshaw

I trained in Paris under the great postmodern perfumier, Arnaud Destruels. I graduated and found work at an upmarket chop shop, but I soon tired of those dry, subservient boutiques. So I went out into the world where the sweat runs raw. And all through the ripening kaleidoscope of east Africa and the jungles of Timor, my nose came too. Continue reading

If You Want Something Doing (properly)

By Marie Berry

Is it contentious to say that men fucked the world up? Is it sexist? What if I said it was overweight middle aged white men in suits from the west, who have systematically fucked the planet from the cosmos down? Is that sizest, sexist, racist, heterophobic? I mean, some of my friends and family are middle aged straight white men, but I think they’d mostly agree….

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Liberation Revisited

By Susan Law

Being a woman who “was there” in the 60s and early 70s, it goes without saying that I can’t remember exactly what went on. I do know that around that time, my lover’s wife decreed that The Female Eunuch was required reading. I did my best and pretended to understand it but the main vision I have now, as I think back, is the iconic book cover depicting a hollow female form with handles attached. The liberation movement seemed important because other women told me so.  I listened and I read and became quickly bored with the shrill rhetoric,  ‘Stop all the talk and just get on with it’ I thought.

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