Let’s Talk About Rape

I never wanted to go to Coventry. I’ll be honest, I thought this whole episode was set in Croydon. I didn’t realise my mistake until I read ‘give us a ring when you get to Cov station and I’ll pick you up.’ I had said any day but Monday, because I am shit at Mondays. But she must have skim read it because she replied ‘Monday is fine.’

Oh well, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing in the worst case scenario.

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DIY – Online

Although we’ve always prided ourselves on our paper produce, it’s probably about time we got a bit modern and started doing stuff online, like, you know, everyone else.

The once potentially paper issue 6 – DIY – will now be fully digital, which is nice because it means we can rely on Google, WordPress and your computer for layouts, publishing and distribution. It also means we can amend typos whenever we stumble across them and publish our contributors words, even when there’s more than 300 of them.

So welcome to the future of KB, it’s here, in your eyes, right now.

We missed you guys

Marie Berry x

Sexually Transmitted Regrets

He asked me why I was so vague, I fumbled some answer but deep down I’m thinking ‘because the barriers that I let down after 7 Red Stripes and 4 champagne cocktails have come smashing back into place, and they’ve brought re-enforcements, just in-case I thought I’d got away with it.’ You know the one…

You wake up and you’re vaguely aware of where you are (you paid for the cab), you recognise the boy with his back to you but why oh why is HE lying next to you? Your eyes adjust to the impending gloom, a heartfelt groan and a glance around the room confirm that, despite the rubbers on the floor, you’ve caught something, an STR.
It’s that feeling, that you’ve let yourself and more importantly, your body down. Beer goggles? Beer knickers.

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