Liberation Revisited

By Susan Law

Being a woman who “was there” in the 60s and early 70s, it goes without saying that I can’t remember exactly what went on. I do know that around that time, my lover’s wife decreed that The Female Eunuch was required reading. I did my best and pretended to understand it but the main vision I have now, as I think back, is the iconic book cover depicting a hollow female form with handles attached. The liberation movement seemed important because other women told me so.  I listened and I read and became quickly bored with the shrill rhetoric,  ‘Stop all the talk and just get on with it’ I thought.

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A Letter To My Barber

By Phorid

Phorid is an artist but she also writes letters to companies that make her cross and then sends them to us because we think they’re funny. In her latest edition she’s drawing attention to the age old problem of hairdressers having opinions. No offense hairdressers, I know you have opinions, but I’m with Phorid on this one – ‘trust me I’m a hairdresser’ isn’t something I want to hear. I’ve got eyes, I trust them.

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School Or Sanity?

By Ruby Wednesday

Don’t tell the kids but the purpose of school is to prepare young minds for a life of regular employment. Despite ‘business leaders’ regularly lamenting falling standards, twenty five years of a National Curriculum means at least we can all add-up enough to complete our tax returns.

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